How long can the goods be stored in WUKONGGO warehouse?

I. Purchase and transfer normal parcel storage period is 100 days, starting from the order status "can submit waybill", more than 70 days will send an email reminding users to submit the parcel waybill, more than 100 days still do not submit the parcel waybill or do not give any feedback will be regarded as abandoned goods, we will uniformly destroy expired goods.

2. The period of abnormal packages (i.e. signed for packages without submitting orders or completing logistics information) is 60 days, starting from the order status of "signed for". Since such packages cannot match the relevant orders and users, it is impossible to make a reminder, and overdue WUKONGGO will be deemed as giving up storage and destroying.

Related details:

1. During the storage period, WUKONGGO shall be responsible for the storage of the goods and bear the corresponding responsibilities, but the shelf life of the goods is not within the storage scope (for example, the shelf life of perishable goods is only 1 month).

2, destroyed goods no longer do any prompt and notice.

In order to avoid the destruction of the goods, please submit the parcel waybill within the storage validity period. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

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