Purchasing, transshipment inspection scope

Purchase/transshipment order inspection scope:

After the goods arrive at WUKONGGO, the professional quality inspection personnel will check the package for contraband, check the appearance of the goods according to the order information, such as the style, quantity, color, size, model and whether there is a large area of damage and defects, provide up to 6 standard inspection photos, and re-package the goods into the warehouse.

【 Disclaimer 】

1, conform to the seller's declaration of defects and actual use of goods (size error, mobile phone case (film) model, glasses degree, clothing lining, appearance of product box, letter printing quality or missing, etc., do not belong to the scope of inspection).

2, electrical appliances, digital products, electronic peripheral products and other professional goods, their authenticity, functionality, quality is not the scope of inspection.

3, sealed packaging of all goods and with sealing labels or sealing strip of non-clothing/bags/shoes goods interior details are not subject to inspection.

4, 1 yuan auction, fortune bag, false commodity link, no real commodity link, universal auction, freight auction, quantity auction, shop goods picture goods Mosaic and other orders due to the lack of real commodity details, will not be able to check the arrival of goods style, quantity, color, size, model and other information, only the appearance of goods whether there is serious damage/stain/stain/defect inspection. Please check the inspection photos for specific details of the goods.

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