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WUKONGGO Payment/recharge method?

1. WUKONGGO supports 4 payment methods:

1. Balance payment (pay by account balance)

2.PayPal payment (fee is subject to the amount at the time of payment)

3. Alipay Payment (no fee)

4. Bank card payment/overseas wire transfer (there is a delay of 5-15 working days, depending on the actual remittance)

In order to reduce exchange losses, it is recommended that you pay with the balance.

2. How to top up the WUKONGGO balance?

WUKONGGO supports a variety of top-up methods:

1.Paypal recharge and international credit card recharge

1) Paypal supports 4 kinds of international cards (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB Card) and some national bank cards worldwide;

2) No matter what currency account is used, Paypal payments are translated into US dollars;

3) Based on the latest exchange rate published by the bank, we will make real-time adjustments from time to time according to changes in the bank's exchange rate;

4) When using Paypal to recharge, PayPal platform will charge a handling fee: 3.7%+0.3$.

2. Alipay Recharge

1) Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading independent third-party payment platform in China, founded by Alibaba Group.

2) There is no charge for Alipay recharge, and there may be a delay of 1-60 minutes.