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This post mainly explains how to place an order on the platform. If you need this type of guidance, read on.


Step1, select goods

Method 1: Users can browse on domestic shopping platforms (Taobao, 1688, Tmall, etc.), select the product they want, copy the product link, and paste it into the search box on the WUKONGGO page.   The platform will automatically capture product information.


Method 2: You can use images to search: directly select the image to upload, click on the search results will be immediately displayed on the page.As you can see, image searches are very accurate! You can intuitively see the price of the product, sales and other key information


Step2, goods order

After commodity information capture, users can choose according to the real situation.

If you need to place an order at this time, you can directly select "Buy now", if you have any information that needs to be purchased, you can fill in the remarks field;If you also want to browse other products and order together later, you can select "Add to Cart"


Step3. Confirm the order

After selecting "Buy Now", you will be redirected to the order confirmation page, where you can select the required service and confirm the order information, and click Submit after confirming the completion.


Step4. Pay the order

After clicking to submit the order, it will jump to the cash register, and the user can choose a payment channel to complete the payment according to the actual situation.


Step5.the order is completed, waiting for procurement processing.

Normally, after the user has placed an order, the purchase will be processed for you as soon as possible within 6 working hours.Please contact our customer service if you have any changes during the ordering process.


Yupoo and other third-party platforms link the order process:

1. Paste the link you copied in the WUKONGGO search bar and it will direct you to the form filling page.

2. Fill in the product title, price, product store name and other information, click "product picture" to upload the required product map, enter the size/color/specification in the remarks field, if you are not sure of the price, you can enter 1 yuan first. Then submit and continue to pay!

Purchase Confirm with the seller after receiving the order, and then set the order to refill status so that you can recharge. If you think you want to continue the purchase, please complete the replenishment. If you do not wish to continue with the purchase, please click the Cancel button on the order page and cancel this order, before you pay 1 yuan refund will be refunded to your WUKONGGO wallet.

Step 6. WUKONGGO check goods into storage

When receiving the goods, we will carry out strict professional inspection, and take photos of the goods for you to view, find problems and timely feedback to you and help solve

Next, you can submit the goods already in storage for shipping overseas (Steps 7 to 9) or buy more items and submit them together (repeat steps 1 to 6, then continue steps 7 to 9).

How to carry a bag in WUKONGGO

Step 7. Submit the waybill

In "Order Management", select purchase order or transfer order to submit waybill goods Click Submit Waybill, fill in the consignee address information. Choose from the recommended delivery methods

Note: Some goods are subject to mailing restrictions, not all logistics routes can be delivered, we screen for you to select the available delivery methods, you can choose from us to provide packaging/package photo/reinforcement and other related services, if necessary, will be packaged according to your requirements

Step 8. Pay the international shipping deposit

Choose a payment method to pay international freight deposit and customs declaration fee

The international freight deposit is calculated based on the estimated weight of the product, the selected shipping method, and the shipping region

The final shipping fee is based on the volume and weight of the package approved by the carrier, and the difference with the deposit will be refunded to your WUKONGO account after shipment

Step 9.WUKONGGO is shipped

Goods are consolidated, packaged, reinforced, weighed and shipped

Step 10. Wait for the delivery

Please note: 1. International logistics has mailing restrictions on some goods, please pay attention to the relevant risk tips on the order page, if you have questions, you can contact customer service. 2. If you need to know before order goods about international freight, can through this link to view the freight estimate (please make sure that you have about weight of the goods volume data) :

Please note:

1. International logistics has mailing restrictions on some goods, please pay attention to the relevant risk tips on the order page, if you have questions, you can contact customer service.

2. If you need to know the approximate international shipping cost of the product before placing an order, you can check this freight estimate link (please make sure you have the approximate weight and volume data of the product) :